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A Case Study For Appointment Setting

One of our clients had collected data from exhibiting at major industry shows and their website landing pages. The data was 6-18 months old and they hadn’t had the expected ROI from their marketing efforts. They needed more sales appointments to get potential clients into their sales funnel to hit their forecast for that year. XpandTelemarketing were able to consult with the client take an exact brief of what the ideal prospect looked like, understand the proposition and then deliver 10 fully qualified BANT appointments of which the client converted over 40%.

Background to the customer

One of the largest independent vendors of web security solutions in Europe: a global company, growing each year.

Who was involved?
  • XpandTelemarketing Director
  • XpandTelemarketing Appointment Setter
  • Client Directors
  • Client Sales Manager
  • Client Internal Sales
  • Client Vendor
  • Client Engineers
The problems
1. Time

Account Managers were so busy nurturing existing clients and hot leads there wasn’t enough time to call other outstanding leads.

2. The right staff

Lack of motivated, experienced cold callers in the area within the budget constraints.

3. Tracking leads

A great CRM package that, unfortunately, didn’t allow the tracking, recording of cold call outcomes, and the filtering of information to make the right calls at the right time.

4. Product knowledge

To get telemarketers up to speed, fully understanding the value proposition, thus ensuring a concise yet worthwhile dialogue with prospective clients would have taken months of training.

How we tackled the problems

The owner of XpandTelemarketing and staff have over 20 years of experience in helping companies achieve their new business objectives without breaking the bank.

1. Time

XpandTelemarketing allocated specific times to bring the campaign in on time and within budget. The client chose when they wanted to receive appointments and calls were made accordingly.

2. The right staff

From our team of appointment setting staff we selected individuals whose experience most suited the clients products and marketing ethos.

3. Tracking leads

Using our state-of-the-art telemarketing platform we collated information quickly and in great detail so that we knew exactly when to make the next call.

4. Product knowledge

XpandTelemarketing studied the products, the market, client USPs and existing customer base and sat in on international webinars. Because our selected telemarketers had experience of B2B software marketing they were quickly able to understand the key sales hooks.

Outcomes and impact

Naturally, our client had already followed up all the hot leads. We investigated, examined and re-classified the balance, nurturing those that weren’t totally cold – the majority – and made appointments for our client. The client made sales to over 40% of the appointments made: an outstanding result from leads that were previously considered cold.

Next steps

Xpand Telemarketing lead generation programme is now an integral part of the client’s marketing mix.

Further information

For more information on this case study please contact:

Jazz Dhillon

Director of service delivery

Key learning points
  • There could be sales opportunities that are available from your existing data if managed effectively
  • ROI on previous marketing activities can be increased
  • You don’t need to go through the pain of recruitment and staff to get this part of the sales cycle (the hardest) completed effectively
  • You can manage your costs without them spiralling out of control